Age-friendly communications

Tailoring communications to audience demographics is critical for effective communications. Through research and experience, we have developed a specialty in communications for internal and external stakeholders aged 55+.


We have created a best practice communications benchmark for organizations, districts and local governments committed to building inclusive, age-friendly communities, recognizing that communications choices -- how planning, bylaws, user statements, signage, mediums and venues are configured -- impact optimal communication with and among aging workers and populations.

Inclusive communications require positive end-user experiences where everyone feels that they are treated with dignity and respect. ​We offer:

  • Review and audits of all communications pieces, scored on age-friendly effectiveness

  • Applying the findings of our annual focus group research among seniors in BC workplaces and communities

  • Providing check sheets to best meet needs of aging communities

  • A full range of age- and usability-tailored communication products and services.

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